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09-15-04: ERIN WILL KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU DO NOT READ THIS! OK, seriously, Erin and several other works of art by Sparkstealer (she would be the artist, duh), are up for auction on Furbid right now. All works (both Misty and non-Misty related) will be up till Monday 9-20-2004 1:OOam EDT. They are all original works (no prints) on 9x12 inch bristol board, and they are starting at the low price of 1$. THAT'S IT! ONE DOLLAR! So please, help buy food and new supplies for the kitty. It will really help get some new art/comics off the ground. Hell, it might even convince Spark to draw more smut, you never know. Help, bid, enjoy.

Here are the links:

For all her art auctions, go here:

or, for the individual auctions:

NC-17 - Color:

G - Color:

G - Color:

Theodore (bid, please)

07-01-04: Whant to know what is up with the picture and the site? Go to the news section on the main Misty site at to find out what Maureen is doing with her other hand and how you can realy help us out.


06-01-04: Greetings, welcome to Classic Misty. For those of you who find that weird, sweet taste of NEW Misty, just, not as satisfying as the Misty you remember (and for those who do not get this joke, you were obviously not born before 1985). In any event, here it is - the original, 62-strip run of Misty from 1995 to 2002. Just added today [06-05-2004], is the first colored picture of Misty and Sparkstealer's very first computer-coloring effort.

Even though this is Misty Classic, I will actually be updating this site from time to time (about once to twice a month, depending) with 4th-wall breaking and political strips, so please, feel free to check back here.

Lastly, niether I, nor Misty, will update this news all that often (if at all). For updates and news on all of the Misty related comics, you will have to go to the main Misty site at and sinply look at the news section there. Anyway, too all our suporters, fans, and readers (new and old alike), thank you.

Theodore, your friendly neighbourhood webcoon.

Donations will help get more art work out there to you; in the future, donations will also help with producing high quality work for various Misty related projeccts (like the Misty store, which will also be going through a massive update). Thank you, every dollar helps.

Misty is (C) and TM Susan Jones

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